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Our Story

It started off with baby Jubilee whose Mommy Eden has a passion for natural beauty products. She made sure the family ate only best organic and natural foods, but what about about Jubilee's hair? Her understanding of chemicals led her to many grocery store aisle rants in the tiny section dedicated to "ethnic" hair. "How can they put this in a product made for kids?" Daddy Andrews would shrug. Daddy Andrews always uses the horrible dandruff shampoo that Mommy Eden says has things in it that would scare Daddy Andrews if he really knew what they were.

Jubilee needed hair products that would fight frizz, define curls, and mosturize even in a hot, dry climate (Jubilee lives in Phoenix, Arizona). So Mommy Eden decides that the only hair products she can trust to really work for Jubilee's head are the ones she makes herself. No toxic soup for Jubilee's curls (She had so few, but then they grew!). Mommy's friends notice how nice Jubilee's hair is and soon Mommy is making 'goo' for their children too. And her friends ask her, "Why don't you let other people try your 'goo'?" And so, Mommy and Daddy made Oggboo! (And another baby Caleb, so now there's two).

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